Wednesday, 28 November 2012

First time blogger. Winter Wishlist.

Socks- Topshop. I'm a sock lover, what can I say
Velvet Skirt- Topshop.
Mirror Belt- Diane von Furstenberg

Bag/Shoes- Christian Louboutin. They will forever remain a wish
Fur coat- ASOS. Fur sure

Okay, so this is my first ever blog. Ever. I don’t know if it’s normal to take this long to find a hobby but here I am. I have always enjoyed fashion, make-up, shoes, clothes and all that other deep and spiritual stuff, but I never thought I would ever want to share it on the internet. I honestly don’t know much about blogging yet, so hopefully, this won’t be too painful.  

It’s almost like a journey that you, the reader, and I, the blogger, are going to take together. Haha. I feel like people don’t make enough use of the internet, it’s actually more amazing than we think! Everyone should have a blog. One day every last person on the planet will have a blog and it’ll be the only way we can communicate with each other. Thanks for reading, you should probably follow too. ;) – Ephrath xox  


  1. great wish list :) love that skirt.

    x Angie

  2. I love those heels! Awesome :P


  3. love those socks!
    xo jess
    Started following on GFC

  4. That cape is beautiful! Thanks for your support. Following your lovely blog now.